The Exalted Official Roadmap 1.0

Our vision for the future

The team’s number one priority is to build something significant for our future holders and existing community. That means that if we ever need to make any pivots along the way for the greater good of the community — we most certainly will. This is our initial roadmap for the project in it’s current state!

Let’s quickly go over three facts about the project before jumping into the roadmap.

  1. The Exalted collection is launching on the Ethereum platform following the ERC721 specifications.

2. The collection is made up of 5,000 Genesis Avatars that are split between two opposing factions. The Aurorean Crusade and the Nightfall Syndicate. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1,250 x Aurorean Crusade Males
  • 1,250 x Aurorean Crusade Females
  • 1,250 x Nightfall Syndicate Males
  • 1,250 x Nightfall Syndicate Females

3. There will never be more than 5,000 Genesis Avatars

We carefully created over 12+ unique sets of armor for each faction and gender which resulted in over 300,000+ unique combinations when combined with the other generative traits — which means that every Genesis Avatar will be unique!

Here is the outline for our initial roadmap 👇


Our main focus is to build a solid community, generate as much interest in our project as we can, and ensure a smooth minting process during our launch.

  • Attract the right members and build a thriving community
  • Thoroughly test our minting smart contracts and then, hire a 3rd-party security team to audit our contract for any potential vulnerabilities
  • Form strategic partnerships with other NFT projects. Web3 is all about lifting each other up or “We’re All Going to Make It” (WAGMI)
  • Prep for the launch! We will be announcing all of the details regarding the mint soon


The completion of the sale is when the real fun (and hard work) begins!

  • Our immediate priority is to re-invest funds into additional marketing and onboarding new key members that can help accelerate the expansion of our project (assistant artists, developers, graphic designers, etc.) This will help drive more awareness to the project to benefit the holders and will help us accelerate the completion of our initial roadmap
  • 20% of all mint proceeds and 50% of all secondary market royalty fees will be invested into the guild vault. These funds will be used for community driven projects, giveaways, scholarships, in-house events, re-invested into income producing metaverse assets, gain access to other exclusive communities (whale groups/guilds), and much more~
  • We will commence several fun (and rewarding 😉) community events to celebrate the official launch of the project. We are excited as no other projects have done the events we have in store.


𝟭. Visit the Armory

The Genesis Avatars don’t have any weapons on them. This was done on purpose so that holders will have the ability to choose which style of weapon represents themselves and their avatar the most.

Each faction will be able to choose from three different unique weapon types and receive a random weapon NFT. There will be five different rarities for each!

𝟮. Battle Avatars enter the Battlegrounds

Once holders have claimed their Weapon NFT, we will implement a system where they can bind their Weapon NFT with their Genesis Avatar to create a Battle Avatar NFT.

*Important* Binding the two together does NOT burn your existing NFTs — it creates a brand new one which you are free to hold, sell or stake. Binding can only happen once per NFT.

𝟯. Introduce $EXP and our staking protocol

We will open up our staking protocol where holders will earn $EXP for every Genesis Avatar & Battle Avatar that they stake. Genesis Avatars will earn higher amounts of $EXP than Battle Avatars.

$EXP will become the currency for The Exalted project’s internal economy where it can be used for redemption of guild vault rewards and numerous amounts of additional benefits that are waiting to be shared.

🚀 This is just the beginning

Genesis Avatar holders will receive the most benefits by design and we will always make sure to continue to release innovative ideas that benefits them the most.

However, that being said, we do recommend that you hold onto at least one Battle Avatar as there’s a reason why we designed them in that style 😏 But more on that to come later…

🏁 Remember, this is just the first phase of the roadmap!

Our goal is to always push the boundaries of creativity with ways in which we can continue to drive maximum value to our holders and the rest of the community from now until the wheels fall off.

We are creators at heart with a big imagination. Web3 and NFTs have given us the technology and tools to be able to combine all of our life passions into a single arena where we have limitless creative freedom. There’s no better place out there!!! We thank those of you who will join us on this journey. We promise to reciprocate every ounce of support with determination and effort.

If this gets you hyped up , please make sure to let us know in our Discord ( or on Twitter ( 🙏

We are excited to start this journey with you and I hope you are ready for an epic adventure! 🤝🎉




The Exalted NFT collection is made up of 5,000 uniquely generated avatars. Join or follow us on to learn more!

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The Exalted NFT

The Exalted NFT

The Exalted NFT collection is made up of 5,000 uniquely generated avatars. Join or follow us on to learn more!

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